Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mozilla Firefox 8.0 (v8.0) Apk Download For Android

Mozilla Firefox 8.0 (v8.0) Apk Download For Android

Mozilla Firefox has been updated to version 8.0 with imoroved performance and added some new features. Firefox is a popular and most used browser for desktop PC (besides Google Chrome, Opera and Safari). Firefox users love it because of it’s customizable view and downloadable plug ins. The Good news about Firefox For Android is that firefox is compatible with a wide range of devices, however some old devices are not supported.

FireFox 8.0 features awesome scree, add ons support, sync, tabs, personaas, sharing, smoother panning and CSS3 animations,  do not track option is added to preferences, speed improvements, important bugs fixed and more. Download and install Firefox 8.0  Apk and get the most popular Browser for desktop PC on your Android mobile device. Mozilla Firefox 8.0.apk is compatible with Android 2.1 and higher version. Firefox 8.0 has about 15 Mb of APk file size.

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